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Book Review: Psycho

In honor of Halloween, I present to you Psycho by Robert Bloch; the book that inspired the movie of the same name. I have to admit that I was a complete newbie going into this book. I hadn’t seen the film, nor had I read the book. I did not know what was going to happen, and I was honestly surprised by the unexpected twist at the end.

Norman Bates is a creepy, off-putting character who still manages to come off as completely innocuous. However, as the story unfolds we see more of the sinister character he was hiding from us. The narration aided in this by allowing us into his thoughts. It gave the impression of Mr. Bates as the sad sack who had to clean up after his mother. But she also acted as his protector and fall-back when he didn’t know how to dig himself out of a hole. Her methods just happened to involve hacking people to pieces to keep their damn mouths shut.

I went into this thing thinking I was going to be scared, but ended up on the edge of my seat from the suspense. This was perfectly fine by me, as I don’t love being scared. But then again, I don’t think I’ve ever been scared of a book. I mean… if you want to see me pee my pants take me to a haunted house. That shit is too much for me. ANYWAYS. There was just enough action in Mr. Bloch’s novel to keep me interested, that I never even worried about the scares that could potentially be lurking around every corner. I was too ingrossed.

Even if you’ve seen the movie or the show, I still recommend reading the book for a different experience. 4/5 stars


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